five months

Another month has flown by. Abigail has been in our lives for 5 months today. My mind keeps jumping between ideas of it already being five months since she entered our lives to not understanding how she has not been in our lives forever. I honestly do forget about life before Abby – I know it existed, there is photo proof of these events, but still, I don’t remember life without her.

Let’s talk about some exciting highlights in month five:

Finding her feet and never letting go:

Abby has officially found her feet and LOVES them. It seems to be her goal in life to keep every toe in her mouth until time ends. We continuously find her in the morning with the footy portion of her pajamas covered in spit. Hope she likes the taste of clothed toes!


Apparently, my child loves to eat – except for bananas. Seriously, how can she NOT love bananas. These are my lifeline! I guess I should be happy that she takes to almost any food – from green beans to pears to pumpkin. She really loves pumpkin. But bananas – seriously!

Trying (and loving) Peanut Butter:

Yep, we gave her PB for the first time (doctor’s recommendations) and she loved it. OK, so she might actually be my daughter. We’ll work on the banana thing but at least we can share in our love for PB. It really is a staple in life.

Welcoming her new cousin:

Henry joined us July 30 and he is too adorable for words. Abby seemed to take to him very quickly – staring in confusion and wiping her spit soaked hand on his cheek is a sign of love, right?

Starting Daycare:

While our newest adventure for the month, it is our biggest change, mostly for me. Abby is now known as the “Happy Baby” at daycare – her teachers adore her and always smile when we enter. It really does help make the drop off easier. Yes, I still tear up in the car. And yes, I will stress eat some sort of chocolate when I get to work as I stare at her photo on my desk. But it does make me feel better to know her teachers genuinely care about her.

Sitting in a restaurant high chair:

Yes, that’s right my baby girl is no longer strapped in her car seat while we eat out. She is literally sitting at the table next to us, enjoying her own food while we continue to master the one-handed eating techniques. It’s incredible! The first time, she spent the entire meal in awe (while also watching her 2-year-old cousin Lucy sing about her chicken nuggets).

Being terrified for the first time:

So this one isn’t so much a highlight as a mom’s heartbreaking at the sight. While out one night for dinner, we discovered that each time a birthday was announced, eerily loud music would play over the sound system. Typically this wouldn’t bother us so much, but Abby – who was smiling in her high chair without a care in the world and beaming with pride at her accomplishment – was frightened by the sudden blasts. It was literally the first time I’ve ever seen her cry like that. The servers were incredibly sweet and apologized while I soothed her, and she was fine in just a few moments. But it was still a heartbreaking moment. My poor baby girl.

Getting around – FAST:

While she isn’t crawling yet, she won’t let this small obstacle stop her. She will roll from one side of the room to the other in no time. I put her down on the play mat at daycare, turned to put her bottles in the fridge, and when I looked back, she was on the other side of the room reaching for what looked like a chew toy. (Can we stop for a second and discuss why baby toys all look similar to my dog’s chew toys? I guess that makes sense since they both use their mouths on them, but it doesn’t make it any less disturbing. I’m actually quite impressed that my dog hasn’t just assumed all of the baby chew toys are not also dog chew toys. Does she ever stare at Abby and just think “wow, I can’t believe you’re doing that without teeth – what a brave soul”). Anyway…

So yes, that is five months down, so many more to go. But, people seem to love to remind me that she’ll be half a year next month, then soon a year, and before we know it – off to college. Let’s just freeze time for a moment so I can get a few more snuggles in. She’s already resisting the snuggling. I really do yearn for the moments when she was brand new and would just sleep in my arms all day with no objection. Now, it takes coaxing and a full bottle to get even a minute of that. She is quite distracted by the world. Though, this time is really exciting. I love watching her see the world for the first time. A leave blowing in the wind is all of the entertainment she could every wish for. Meanwhile, I’m upset that a show from the early 2000’s is no longer on Netflix so I’m stuck watching something else.

Love you baby girl – can’t wait to see what next month has in store (but stop growing up so fast – PLEASE)!