six months

The other day, my cousin said to me, while holding her 7 month baby and watching her almost 5 year old running around, that life happens fast – “…you go to work during the week, count down to the weekend, and then count the weekends…” and apparently, before you know it, your children are another year older. I don’t believe I ever truly understood the concept of time escaping fast until Abby entered our lives. Today, she is 6 months old. How is that even possible? How is she no longer that newborn laying on my chest as I weighed the pros and cons about taking a shower versus holding her close to my heart just hours after I gave birth to her? In a blink, she went from barely being able to keep her eyes open, to “ninja rolling,” as her teachers at daycare refer to her movement style, across my living room.

It has been half a year since Abby entered our lives and nothing has been the same since day one. Our marriage has evolved into a new adventure. Before we’d argue about how to properly load the dishwasher, discuss the future in terms of trips, and spend time each day ensuring our house was in order (for the most part). And now, we talk about the future in terms of paying for Abby’s college and what her life may be like when she enters elementary school. Will she find life long friends from day one, or test out relationships until she finds the perfect match. There are constantly toys all over the living room. We do try to clean but after a while, you just give up and spend time playing with Abby versus picking it up. And we argue – ok, we still argue about how to load the dishwasher – one of us is really good at puzzles (and that someone is me).

Anyway, here’s a look at some of the highlights in month six:

Sick for the first time:

This was a rough week (mostly on me). Abby could care less that she was sick. She just smiled will boogers hanging down her nose. Meanwhile, I sucked more and more snot out of her nose and checked her temperature everyday. And yes, sucking boogers out of a baby’s nose is gross, but, not he grossest thing you’ll do as a parent.

Made a “BFF”

According to Abby’s teachers, she and another girl at daycare are BFFs (best friends forever). While I’m pretty sure their conversations are not nearly as in-depth as you would expect with a best friend, I have seen them interact and it’s pretty adorable. If Sydney is crying, Abby comes over and smiles at her. If Abby is having trouble rolling to a toy, Sydney pushes it towards her. And, one day, Abby was chewing on Sydney’s bib (it apparently fell on the floor and Abby claimed it as a chew toy). But, see, they are already borrowing each other’s clothes. Yep, best friends forever.

Graduated to a “big kid” car seat

Being in the 99.9th percentile means Abby is a large child (both in weight and height). Her infant car seat, one that you can take in and out of the car without disturbing the baby, was intended to last her first year. After multiple times of Abby screaming and fighting as she was strapped in, we made the decision to graduate her to the convertible car seat. No more tears when she goes into the car. However, the downside, whenever we stop and have to take her out of the car, it disturbs her from the nap the car put her in. We’re learning but it’s a big step.

Sat in the front part of a shopping cart

Abby has a whole new perspective on the world when we go shopping. In the past, she spent shopping trip in her infant car seat or a baby carrier, but now, she gets to sit up front and see the world.

Went on her first swing!

Yes, that’s right, my baby got to fly in her first swing! AND she visited her first playground. She was apprehensive at first, but once we started moving, she laughed the entire time. My baby’s a dare devil, let me tell you!

So, that’s a wrap on month six. I’m anxious to see what awaits us this month. I’m pretty sure we’ll be setting up safety gates soon as she’s already getting into so much. And, I’m also pretty certain, our cat will be anti-social as a result (at least for a little while). Our cat JUST got used to the fact that Abby lives here, so moving around is an entirely different ballgame.