Father's Day

So this past week Abby has perfected the “lip quiver.” Yes, instead of rolling over she has found a way to make her tears look even more depressing and make our hearts break just a little bit more when she’s crying. How do they even learn these little mannerisms? Prior to this, her cries were screams of “wahhh,” and while I just started learning baby-talk, I’m pretty sure that translates to “Yo lady, get over here, I need food, now.” Of course, this is just a rough translation.  Now she’s like a little person with this quiver. And she KNOWS how it makes us run to her even faster.

I feel like everyday she learns another useless but irresistibly adorable ability, like grabbing her toes or sneezing and farting st the same time. I’m hoping she learns how to teleport soon. Flights are getting expensive.
Anyway, today we are celebrating Abby and John’s first Father’s Day. Sometimes I can’t believe she is here (and has been for almost 4 months)!! Babies R Us emailed me today about planning my baby’s first birthday – what?! I’m just coming to terms with the fact that she reacts when we enter a room instead of just demanding food. She still demands food but she is polite enough to smile at us first. Makes you feel like you’re doing something right when you see that toothless grin.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dad’s, grand dad’s, future dad’s, single parents assuming both roles, and everyone in between. And of course, Happy First Father’s Day to my husband. We’ve been through so much these past few months – late nights, early mornings, spit up, diapers (lots of diapers), and overcoming struggles. And there is no one else I’d rather pretend to understand how to handle this whole parenting thing with.