Why, hello there! Is your wine glass empty? Then let’s pop open another bottle!

I’m Lisa – just your average working mom fueled by wine, coffee, and desperate dreams that my toddler will not throw a tantrum when bedtime rolls around. Oh how we dream.

Not too long ago, my life completely changed. I brought a new person into the world and officially gained the title “mom” (or as my toddler puts it “mommmm-eeeee”). Do you know how frightening that is?! My husband and I were now in charge of a human being! I can’t keep a plant alive longer than a few days and now, a tiny human depends on me to ensure she’s fed, cleaned, and happy. And two years later, another human arrived. Well to say the least, we were unprepared and are still learning each day how to handle these new responsibilities. But, along the way, I’ve been lucky enough to learn from my mistakes (and boy have there been plenty!).

So, my hope is that you’ll learn as well. Believe me, you’ll make your own mistakes – we all do – but, just remember, you aren’t alone. A wise mother once told me that there are no real wrong decisions, just a series of course corrections. And you will always assume everyone else has it figured out. Nope, we are all a bunch of newbies faking it, until we make it! Even the veteran moms get thrown curve balls.

So let’s all just pour some wine and figure it out as we go.

The finest wines in my liquor cabinet


Lover of poptarts, plaid, and me (I figure – ha!). Hobbies include gaming, talking science, and  making Abby laugh. Scientist, gamer, husband and daddy.

Abigail (“Abby”)

Lover of pasta and blocks. Hobbies include coloring, chasing the dog, and stealing the cat bed. Daddy’s girl and newly promoted to big sister!

Gregory (“Greggy”)

The newest addition and prehaps the loudest. Lover of eating and smiling. Hobbies include trying new foods and following his sister’s every move. 

Caffrey the Pup

Lover of all things, except celery. Hobbies include getting you to pet her, chasing the cat, and begging Abby to share her food (which typically works).

Mozzie the Cat

Dislikes the constant additions to the home, first a dog then an Abby, now another kid?! Loves cuddling, sleeping, and us (I hope!). 

Five Random Facts About Me

I’m a lover of white wine (preferably Chardonnay), but I won’t turn down a dark glass of Shiraz on a cold winter night.

I start almost every morning with a bowl of cereal and a large cup of coffee. If it were acceptable to eat cereal for every meal, my life would be complete.

I’m terrible at remembering dates, even to the point where I almost forgot my first wedding anniversary (despite the fact that we have a wooden sign in our house with the date proudly displayed).

I believe all bad days can be solved with a cup of hot chocolate and more marshmallows than you can dream of (even in the summer).

I’m far too clumsy for my own good – biggest examples include walking into a parked car on my first date with my (now) husband, dropping my college graduation cap and losing my tassel before the ceremony, and falling down during my first look on my wedding day.