Remember, you’re a Rockstar!

I see you. Sitting there, nervously tapping your fingers, searching the endless void that is the internet for answers, attempting to convince yourself that you can do this. You’re scared because you have no idea what to do with a newborn baby, or how to live in this new skin called mom. Well, I’m here to let you in on a little secret – none of us have ANY idea what we are doing. Even those that appear to have it figured it out are just guessing and hoping. I’m just a mom who takes it one day at a time. I’ve made mistakes throughout the way, and so will you. But you’ll learn from those mistakes and that baby will love you, trust me. Even on those tough days when you feel like you can’t calm that newborn, your exhaustion is taking over, and all you wish for is a large glass of wine and nap, you’re still doing an amazing job!

Below are a collection of posts, tips, and hacks to help you in pregnancy and that newborn stage.

So, remember, through all of this, be sure to take a breath and remember – you are already a rockstar! Welcome to mommyhood! It’s a crazy adventure filled with smiles, poop, way more diapers than you could imagine, and unforgettable memories – you’re going to love it!

You got this!

– Lisa

Pregnancy and Newborn Posts

First C-Section Vs. Second (Gregory’s Birth)

One month ago, our lives completely changed (again). We welcomed our brand new baby boy, Gregory, coming in at 9lbs 3oz (just like his sister). I’m still learning how to wear this new skin as a mom of two. I barely figured out how to get the previous one to fit and...

Working Pregnant Mom: Allowing myself to breathe

It's been a while. And honestly, I could sit here and up come up with a million excuses. A few of them would actually sound forgivable. But, to be completely honest, I stopped because I found myself wanting to spend those moments I could have been writing, with my...

Accepting a Job Offer While Pregnant

As someone who has always tried to follow a path in life and prides herself on staying three steps ahead, when I do something out of my comfort zone, I tend to fill with more anxiety than you can imagine. So, of course, this means, parenthood has been a constant struggle of not being able to control life. I guess the positive thing about it all, though, is that I’m learning to live outside of the path I thought I needed to stay on. And all of this brings me to yesterday and what it represents.

The day you realize you’re not superwoman

I think the hardest realization that has come from my time as a parent has been discovering I’m not superwoman. When you spend your life having the world deem you as the fixer, or the problem solver, or the one with all of the answers, you spend every minute trying to exceed that expectation. It’s a thrilling feeling – to be needed, for people to look to you for answers. Being able to stand on a pedestal and let the world know that you’ll solve anything and that no problem is too small or too big is all that matters, until the day you crash. Suddenly, its obvious that you’re not invincible, that your strong exterior can’t deflect every hit, and that there are problems that you cannot solve. And the biggest downfall is that I’m the one who put myself up there. I’m the one who spent my life convincing myself that I needed to hold this title because it’s what made the most sense. A need to be needed is only valid if you, yourself, never need anything.

Why Pregnancy is Slower the Second Time Around

If you have been following along, or are within 100 miles of my mother, you’ve probably heard we’re expecting a boy this time around. I’m officially 18 weeks along and, it has felt like the longest 18 weeks of my life. For some reason, with Abby, it felt like pregnancy rushed by (except for the last month which lasted a year on it’s own), but this time around, everything is painfully slow. Maybe it’s because I already know what to expect at the end of this marathon, or maybe it’s because motherhood has made me even more impatient, or, more likely it’s because I honestly cannot remember what milestone I’m supposed to be at and I’m constantly worried that I’m missing something. That last one sounds more like me.

First Pregnacy vs. Your Second

If you haven’t noticed, things are a bit different around here. The new site is officially here! This has been a long time coming so I’m both thrilled and relieved that launch day is finally here! Especially since plans were to launch a bit earlier than this, but apparently growing a baby and raising a toddler changes your timeline dramatically. That’s right, if you haven’t been following along on Instagram, we are expecting once again! It’s been a crazy adventure already, and I’m only (almost) 17 weeks along. Everyone said the second time around would be different, and I guess a part of me listened but a bigger part of me was too busy raising the first kid to listen. Which has become a norm this time around actually. So, I figure with our new site, our first post should focus on this new adventure.