Real Food is a Hit

It’s official, in just four months, Abby has doubled her birth weight, has good head control, and is showing jaw stability. So what does this mean – you guessed it, she’s ready to start eating real food, which also means she’s ready to start producing real food poops. Not happy about that one.

My baby girl is officially an infant and no longer a newborn and I’m suddenly realizing how fast time is going by. It honestly feels like she was just born, in which her favorite pastimes were eating and falling asleep in my arms. Now she’s a four-month old who can’t wait to crawl and hates sitting still, and loves eating (some things never change). It really is bittersweet to watch her grow. I’m so proud of her, she’s reaching her milestones ahead of schedule. And she’s really starting to explore the world. She’s mesmerized by leaves blowing in the wind and giggles when our pup licks her face. I really am so proud of her. Everyday is a new adventure. But I also miss the first time she was placed in my arms, and how I delayed my first shower after childbirth just to snuggle her and smell her hair for a little longer. That newborn smell is the most addicting smell in the world (and I’m also referring to more addicting than freshly baked brownies). Now she usually smells like sweat, burps, and spit. And of course, there is the poop smell every so often. But despite all of that, I can’t help but kiss those cheeks (even if they are covered in drool and green beans)!
Anyway, here are a few things I’ve learned while feeding real food to Abby:

  • At first, Abby will hate everything you put into her mouth, until she realizes it’s food, and then she will turn into “Zombie Abby” ready to bite whatever is in front of her. Watch those fingers!
  • Abby is not a fan of bananas, which means she can’t be my daughter because that’s basically the staple in my diet. We shall keep trying.
  • None of her clothes will ever stay clean, it’s easier to just feed her naked (well still wearing a diaper because I’m not crazy).
  • None of my clothes will stay clean – note to self, invest in an adult size bib for myself.
  • After the second spoonful, she’ll smile and beg for more.
  • If you aren’t feeding her fast enough, she’ll rip that spoon out of your hand and do it yourself, resulting in green beans EVERYWHERE and yes, I mean EVERYWHERE! How she managed to get it in her ear, I will never know.

I’m excited to discover what foods she’ll love and which she’ll hate. It will be a brand new adventure for both of us! And I’m sure our pup is excited when you start dropping food because if it falls on the floor, it’s free game!