I’m a mom of a beautiful and rather ridiculous three month old, Abby. I can already tell she’s going to give me a run for my money. Her current interest include eating, pooping, and laughing at ceiling fans – though I can’t fault her for that last one. Ceiling fans are rather enjoyable.

I jumped head first into mommyland, fully prepared to rock it, and ended up bellyflopping in the deep end. Apparently all of that research I did on the highest reviewed breast pump, the safest car seat, and the most portable stroller in no way prepared me for what parenting really entails AND I just started. Anyway I can get a lifeline? No? Hmmm, guess I’ll just go with it then. But honestly, isn’t that what parenting really is – just faking it until we make it, and mostly that’s through the most disgusting situations you never thought you’d be in. The other day, my daughter had the largest snot rocket hanging from her nose. Without a thought, I scooped it out with my finger (and I’m pretty sure it ended up on the dog, since she was begging for petting while I was calming a cranky baby). Before parenthood, I would squirm if I saw a bugger sticking out of my husband’s nose – no wait, I still squirm. For some reason it is way more disgusting when it’s an adult. Also poop! I knew babies pooped. And I knew they pooped often, but holy poop batman! How can such a tiny human produce so much!

Anyway, I guess mostly I just wanted to say welcome. Mommyhood is going to be a crazy adventure. So pour yourself a glass of wine or a mug of coffee (or a mug of wine, because sometimes it’s much more satisfying to drink wine when you have a handle), and lets figure out this parenting thing as we go along.